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Ahmed Huang - Body Code, PSYCH-K

with your subconscious mind

Are you ready to find radical joy after a lifetime of trauma?

I help wounded souls heal, transform and grow from pain to peace

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Ahmed Huang

✔ You feel like you are meant for so much more, but no matter how hard you work, you keep hitting the same financial roadblocks that keep you stuck in a place of constant worry and insecurity.

✔ You feel like your chronic pain has taken control over your life because it impacts nearly every facet of it.

✔ You live in constant fear of what’s next because of the instability and suffering you experienced your whole life.

✔ You are frustrated because you are not reaching your highest potential or finding purpose in your work.

✔ You find yourself in one toxic relationship after another even if you know you deserve so much better.

✔ You are constantly exhausted and overwhelmed by your emotions because you don’t know how to process them.

I get it. This is how I felt for years.


As a Subconscious Healing Expert, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world, all sharing the same problems and challenges.

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Change, Growth, and Transformation experienced by my Clients

I have had a great healing experience working with Ahmed. Each time I have been read, it is weird, but I literally feel it. I feel a shift in my body and energy happen, and the very first time, it freaked me out a little because I had no idea when my reading would be done. So, in the morning when I found my emailed results and was told all the released emotions I was shocked. Since then, I've done about 4 sessions and had great success with my energy levels rising, my body feels lighter, and my mind is clearer. I love asking questions and learning more about what work was done, and Ahmed did a great job answering each and every one of them!


So grateful for this experience


Michigan, USA


Most people think healing is:

 Painful and hard

Unavailable to them

Too good to be true

Impossible after intense traumatic experiences

But here's the truth...

You already have all the resources within you to heal

Your body has the ability to self-heal from within. But it also has the ability to hold on to the emotions you were not able to process, either as a child or after a traumatic event.

These emotions get trapped in your body causing underlying energetic imbalances and blocks, that over time manifest as:


Physical pain and disease
Financial and career blocks
Self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours (addictions, engaging in toxic relationships)
Mental and emotional struggles (numbness, overwhelm, fear, shame, guilt, lack of purpose)

When we awaken the amazing power of your subconscious mind, we can mobilise it to release the energetic imbalances and blocks, so your body is restored to perfect health and balance in no time

At any given moment, you have the power to completely transform your life from the inside out.

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✔ Your fear no longer calls the shots.
You feel confident to go find your purpose, take risks and express yourself in the most authentic way.
✔ You are surrounded by meaningful, genuine, and loving relationships.
You no longer attract the wrong partners or engage in friendships that put you down & hold you back.
✔ Every day, you see the dream vision you had for your life coming true.
You create and operate from a place of safety, authenticity, and love.
✔ You experience abundance in all areas of your life.
Stress, worry, and lack no longer feel familiar.
✔ You love and trust yourself above anything else.
You are finally at peace with who you are and cherish the relationship you have with yourself

Now, I am here not only to tell you that all of it is possible but to help you experience it for yourself.

That was only the beginning of a lifelong journey of helping others let go of their pain and step into their True Self.

My journey, too, began in the midst of pain and trauma. But along the way, I was given the tools not only to heal it but to also help others do the same.

After I discovered and started using the practices of The Emotion Code and Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and saw astonishing results right away, I knew this is about something bigger than my own healing.

It's an honor to walk beside so many special souls on their path of discovering their inner power to create the life they were meant to live.

This desire to impact people’s lives in the most meaningful way possible led me to keep learning new ways of healing by tapping into the depths of the subconscious: from Emotion Code and Body Code to PSYCH-K® and Light medicine.

Now, I can meet my clients’ struggles and limitations with a broader understanding and a unique and personalized approach.


Ahmed Huang
Subconscious Healing Expert

If you replayed your life and took the shortest path to where you are today, you’d see then how much the emotional burden of your past has held you back.
Some say this is unavoidable–that your struggles are teaching you what you need to learn. But unless you know how to transmute your pain and use it as a tool to grow and transform, you’ll find yourself recycling the same experiences and reliving your trauma time and time again.
I am here to tell you… You don’t have to carry your suffering forever. You can heal even your deepest wounds. And you can create a truer, more beautiful of yourself moving forward, even if no other attempt has succeeded so far.
But it wasn’t until I began to heal myself that I found what I was so desperately looking for.
I hear you when you say…
“I am exhausted - I tried everything and nothing seems to work.”

Body Code Practitioner and PSYCK-K Facilitator,


Change, Growth, and Transformation experienced by my Clients

Ahmed has gone far above and beyond in helping me on my healing journey. Not only does he make himself available to answer any and all questions, but he is a teacher as well. He has taught me so many things about the energy healing, many ways to help myself and my family on our paths to total wellness. I love working with Ahmed and learning from him. When we are working on a specific area of my healing, Ahmed doesn't just complete energy release sessions, he digs deeper to the real meaning behind many trapped emotions and when we review what has been released, I feel so much more knowledgeable about what's going on and what direction I need to take to continue on the healing path. Ahmed truly cares about everyone he works with and treats them kindly. He gives confidence to those who are on the sometimes-delicate path of healing and help them release trapped emotions that have been weighing them down for many years. It's amazing what this work can do to free people of the emotional baggage that we all carry around for way too much of our lives. I strongly encourage everyone to reach out and experience the amazing results from the Body Code Healing.


Many thanks to you, Ahmed, from my family to yours.


Michigan, USA

IF YOU ARE READY TO create a new life of possibility, where instead of struggling to see each day through, you find joy, peace, and purpose in every one of them…

All in divine timing

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Change doesn’t have to be hard, and healing doesn’t have to hurt.


The perfect place to start your healing journey. Carefully designed for you to be able to release your emotional baggage and blocks that are holding you back, so you can reach your full potential and create the life you want.

This package includes:

➤ Heart Wall clearing - that allows us to identify and release trapped emotions and energetic blocks (abundance, love, or creativity)

➤ Nutritional deficiency testing

➤ Balancing of organs, glands, and connective tissues

➤ Ancestral wounds clearing

➤ Chakra balancing

➤ Clearing physical misalignments

$1,111 (6 sessions)

* 5 Email and 1 Zoom Session 

$1,750 (9 sessions) 

* 7 Email and 2 Zoom Sessions


The perfect package for anyone who wants deep healing for their wounded Inner Child. It allows you to release all your unresolved childhood trauma, so you can free yourself of the pain and suffering that weighs you down

This package includes:

Heart Wall clearing 

➤ Inner Child deep healing

➤ Healing mother/father wound

➤ Rewriting self-limiting beliefs that cause a lack of self-confidence, trust, and self-love by rewiring the brain with empowering beliefs to help develop new neural pathways 

➤ Healing generational and ancestral wounding

➤ 20 minutes quick follow up session – to purge, release and align

$1,299 (6 sessions)

* 4 Email and 2 Zoom Sessions

REWIRE - Change
your beliefs through PSYCH-K®

This package is perfectly designed to give your mind a new blueprint so you can experience your desired reality in no time.

This package includes:

➤ Transformation of traumatic perception of stress, releasing what no longer serves you for your mental, emotional, and physical health

➤ Identifying self-limiting beliefs and replacing them with new self-empowering beliefs to suit your personal goals

➤ Action plan to solidify the changes through supporting behaviours and habits

➤ Activating your subconscious and conscious associations to strengthen the momentum towards your goal. 


➤ Helping you to orient yourself towards an attractive, well-formed, positive experience instead of just avoiding something negative

$1,144 (3 sessions)

$2,222 (6 sessions)

* 90 mins Zoom Session ea.


This package is meant to help you clear the negativity from your property and keep the positive energy flowing.

This package includes:

➤ Clearing of all energies your home has absorbed over the years, especially from those who lived in it before you

➤ Placing Energetic Grid around the perimeters of the property for protection and harmony

➤ Enabling Universal Shield of the residents and boosting the light score of the entire household

➤ Delivering Quantum Frequencies of Clearing, Healing, Integration, and Protection to the entire household for 3 days

Feminine and Masculine Energy

Specially created for those whose masculine and feminine energies are imbalanced, which manifests negatively in their relationships and overall wellbeing.

This package includes:

Releasing intimacy blocks

➤ Healing your emotional wounding that may impact your relationships

➤ Energy healing of any physical or emotional discomfort around your partners

➤ Releasing the fear of connection and relationships


This package is meant to help you completely transform and improve a relationship in your intimate life.

This package includes:

➤ Discovering and changing subconscious beliefs that may be blocking what you both need in order to thrive in the relationship

➤ Transforming the way you communicate and build rapport with others

➤ Identifying and releasing the challenges you face within the relationship

➤ Creating more alignment using Body Code and Light Medicine in the second session

➤ 20 minutes quick follow up session after 2 weeks

$300 (1 session) 

* Email Session

$1111.11 (2 sessions) 

* 90 mins Zoom Session ea.

$666.69 (2 sessions)
* 1 hr. Zoom Session ea.

$444.69 (2 sessions)
* Email Sessions


Change, Growth, and Transformation experienced by my Clients

About two months ago, a friend of mine wrote me about HeartWall Clearing-Emotion Code/Body Code work. She suggested that it would be good for me...that it could really change my life. I had reached a point in my life in which I had no will to live. I had become stuck and despite going down a multitude of roads that assured me the way out of my darkness, I remained lost...without direction...and beginning to lose faith in myself and my mind. I have always been an optimistic person, but a failed marriage and loss of my former life were proving to be a challenge I couldn't overcome. I had hit such a dark place that I had comfort and peace in the idea of leaving this world. Despite having 5 beautiful children that I was raising alone, I still felt that everyone would be better off without me. I tell you this because after working with Ahmed...I experienced a profound shift within me...within my very soul. After having my HeartWall cleared, I now feel a genuine flow of love outwardly and inwardly. I feel a joy and peace that I haven't felt in years. After releasing emotions of anger, guilt, terror, no will to live, resentment, stubbornness (only to name a few)- I gained clarity, peace, forgiveness, direction. This seems like a pretty tall order. The concept of body code work, especially by proxy, seems far out there...I get that because I thought the same. If it wasn't for the trust, I had in my friend's referral...I would have never have gone down this path. But I did! and I am grateful. The transformation does not occur immediately and even I questioned Ahmed even up to my 5th session. Ahmed assured me to hang in there and that it was normal to almost feel worse before it gets better. As the emotions were released, I did re-experience them which was hard...but after my last session, I felt as though a heavy burden had been lifted. Like a dark cloud had been removed and I was able to see the beauty in this life again. Since then, the blessings keep coming. I am changing my career path, my relationship with my daughters is improving (I am communicating more clearly and from a place of love), and I honestly and truly forgive my ex for abandoning me and my children and for his extramarital affairs...I actually have love for him. This testimonial is not false and Ahmed's work is truly life changing. Thank you, Ahmed.


Kind regards, Kristin C.

Kristen C.

Michigan, USA

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