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My work is rooted in the belief that we are all worthy and capable of healing

And the hundreds of clients’ transformations that I got to witness and be a part of are proof of that



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After 13+ years, 

I left a successful corporate career in IT. A career I fought hard to build, despite my parents’ lack of support and many challenges along the way. But no matter how accomplished I was professionally, deep down I kept feeling deeply unfulfilled and disconnected from my true purpose.

But it wasn’t until I began to heal myself that I found what I was so desperately looking for.

I hear you when you say… “I am exhausted - I tried everything and nothing seems to work.”

Until 2017, 

That has been the recurring theme of my whole life. Growing up, I often felt overlooked and extremely alone, as my parents were always preoccupied; my father’s own trauma made him emotionally unavailable and physically abusive, and my mother was always worn down by her depression and endless financial struggles.
The pain that came from feeling deeply neglected, rejected, and abandoned by my parents was carried over into adulthood and projected into every area of my life - from my career and finances to my relationship with my wife and my two children. Now, because I didn’t know how to regulate my own emotions, I was the emotionally unavailable parent.

There was no greater disappointment than realizing that I failed to do what I always strived for – to give my children a better family and a happier childhood than the one I had.

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The healing practices I’ve learned and worked with for the last few years came into my life in times of unbearable darkness, when the emotional burden of my past was too heavy to carry anymore.

In 2017, I was introduced to The Emotion Code and Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson - a life-changing modality of healing.

That’s when I noticed a shift. All of a sudden…


Layers upon layers of trauma that traveled through generations began to shed off

I was no longer in survival mode - constantly worrying and overworking myself till the point of burnout
The emotional and physical pain I struggled with my whole life was gone
I could see and meet my inner child’s needs after experiencing years of abuse, neglect, rejection, and abandonment
I was finally able to connect with my inner power and truth

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All because the trapped emotions in my body were released and my subconscious mind was rewired to serve me, not hold me back.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck, weighed down by your pain, and defeated by your circumstances. That’s why, when I realized I know how to help those who come into my life and face the same struggles and obstacles, I knew it was my soul mission to do so. Because they, just like you now, have been brought here for a reason.

My own healing awoke me to the hidden gifts within me. It shed light on what I, deep down, always longed to do:
serve those who are on the quest for truth, peace, and deeper fulfillment.

Since then, I helped people from all over the world embark on the path of total health and wellness.

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My goal is to meet people where they’re at and help them get where they dream to be.

By tapping into the power of the subconscious mind, I identify and correct energetic misalignments and imbalances that are impacting their physical, mental and emotional health. This way, the body’s natural ability to heal from within is restored.

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to healing. That’s why I keep learning and integrating new healing methods into my practice constantly. I like to offer my clients an experience tailored to their specific needs so they can bring their life into perfect balance, like never before.

So, now that you’ve learned that there is an easy way to shift your energy and bring massive transformation into your life, what are you waiting for?

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Change, Growth, and Transformation experienced by my Clients

It's been almost a week now after the body code Session conc. my addiction to cigarettes. It's amazing what happened during processing: From the first day on, this loud sabotage voice who told me "I cannot quit" - it disappeared, gone for good. Another voice became very loud: "What can I do to serve my body?" Ooooooh myyyyy goooooood, ! I didn't quit completely yet, but reduced down to 10% of what I used to smoke. That was impossible till now. I'm very sure, I will come down to zero in a short time (when the habit is replaced). THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It seems you made the impossible into an easy way.


Tons of love for you and your work

AE (Anonymous)


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