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Ahmed Huang Finals11.png

It’s time for you to powerfully rewrite your story and to *finally* step into your Highest Self.

This transformative group healing experience is meant to help you move past your trauma, so you can bring forth more ease, trust, and joy into your life.

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Does any of this sound like you?

✔ Do you feel like you get stuck in a cycle of self-sabotaging behaviors any time you start making progress?

✔ Do you have a hard time trusting yourself, connecting to your intuition, and being in tune with your body's needs?

✔ Are you extra hard on yourself and can't seem to stop engaging in negative+critical thoughts?


✔ Do you struggle with procrastination and follow through?


✔ Do you feel defeated by intense feelings of loss, grief, guilt, or shame?


✔ Are you worried and frustrated every time you look at your finances?


✔ Do you want to create meaningful relationships in your life but only seem to attract the wrong people for you?

Then I have good news for you. You are in the right place, at exactly the right time.

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You had the right tools and resources to manage and regulate your emotions.
Instead of feeling crippled by self-doubt, you felt confident and empowered to go after your goals & dreams
Your traumatic past experiences were no longer bringing you pain and suffering.
You woke up each morning excited and grateful for all that it’s to come.
You developed healthy habits and routines that allow you to feel at your best in your body
Loving and meaningful relationships effortlessly came into your life
Because that's what's possible for you once you clear and transform anything that doesn't serve you, by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind.

These success stories from past group healing participants will give you a glimpse into the depth of transformation they experienced.

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The healing journey can feel lonely and isolating at times, but it does NOT have to be this way.

You are not alone

There are people walking the same path as you, struggling with their own fair share of challenges, and holding on to the same hope of a better, different future for themselves.

This opportunity is meant to bring you together so you can all reap the benefits of creating an insanely powerful+transformative group healing energy.

This guided practice is a unique experience that allows you to address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles so you become energetically aligned with the healthiest, happiest, most prosperous and authentic version of yourself.


By clearing the limiting subconscious programs that are manifesting as lack, dis-ease, and self-sabotaging patterns you are able to connect with your inner knowing, which will guide you in creating the life you want for yourself.

It’s time to step into radical, revolutionary self-transformation. We believe in you and that’s why we are here to guide you every step of the way.

The subconscious mind is the key that opens up the realm of infinite possibilities.

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This Group Healing Program offers 3 virtual sessions integrated over 3 weeks.

Focused on clearing all energetic misalignments that are impacting you on a mental and emotional level.


This SESSION includes:

➤Clearing Trapped Emotions, negative thought patterns, addictive behaviors, and self-destructive emotional habits


➤Releasing energetic blocks (financial, creativity, relationships)


➤Chakras cleansing, balancing, communication, and integration


➤Restoring consciousness sovereignty by clearing any energetic interferences


➤Balancing empathy scale


➤Clearing any resistance hindering your growth and healing

Mental and Emotional Cleanse

To be announced 


Energetic and Spiritual Cleanse

This session will be specifically targeted to heal the energy leakages that might be disrupting your well-being.


To be announced 

Relational and Generational Cleanse

Focused on clearing ancestral traumas, transmuting energetic cords, allowing harmonious relationships to experience greater love and connection.


To be announced 

This SESSION includes:

➤Clearing impacts of toxic EMF radiations from your energy field

➤Clearing energetic toxins, weapons, infections, saboteurs

➤Clearing sleep realms and any imbalances in the astral body


➤Reset of Energy Qi production, storage and processing


➤Clearing any offensive energy attachments


➤Closing entity portals, cords and repairing universal shields


➤Clearing reverse shields, negative cords, curses, oaths


➤Positive morphic fields

This SESSION includes:

➤Alignment with the source and your higher self (so you are really clear on what you want to experience in your relationships)

➤Clearing inherited trauma energies and imbalances

➤Transmuting unhealthy energetic cords from past or current relationships

➤Healing relationship with soul destiny partners, mother earth, multiverse, and multidimensional soul experiences


➤Activating the positive morphic field of oneness, peace, love, and harmony



At the end of three weeks ...

✔ Multiple timelines and dimensions will be cleared so you can achieve harmony and healing on deeper levels, quickly, and effortlessly

✔ Your energies will be aligned with the divine blueprint so you'd be guided in creating the desired future reality

✔ You will meet your inner healer and unlock your innate power to achieve deep healing

✔ Self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs will be cleared

✔ Your ancestral, generational, and relationship blocks will be released

✔ Your Highest Self will be aligned with divine love, light, and truth

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Meet your healer

Hi, I am Ahmed


After a lifetime of trauma, I found my way out of the pain and suffering that was weighing me down and made it my life purpose to help other wounded souls heal, transform and grow from pain to peace.


In 2017, after I was introduced to subconscious healing and got to experience for the first time its miraculous power, I decided to quit a 13+ years successful corporate career in IT and embark on a new, life-changing journey.

Ever since then, I helped hundreds of people from all over the world discover their inner power and create the life they were meant to live, free of any pain and trauma.

Because my goal is to be able to help all of those who are brought into my life and are ready to heal and completely change their destiny, I decided to create this group healing program where I combine Emotion Code & Body Code, PSYCH-K® and Light medicine into a unique approach that allows people to experience instant shifts and deep healing + transformations.

These success stories from past group healing participants will give you a glimpse into the depth of transformation they experienced.

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